Wangan Midnight 5 (or 5DX) to be released in 2016

Bandai Namco is expecting to release the tenth arcade version of the Wangan Midnight series this spring in the United States, though what version will grace our arcade centers remains to be seen. Wangan Midnight 5 came out in late 2013, and so has had plenty of time to get a full translation into English. That said, the new 5DX has been launched with an “international version” that already comes with English language support. Bandai Namco will be at the upcoming 2016 AMOA Amusement Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center, so odds are we’ll find out next month what it will be.

Either way, I am SUPER excited, because I am a pretty big racing fan and these games really scratch that itch.

Bandai Namco was nice enough to give visitors to their Youtube page a sneak peek at some of the songs for Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5DX. Have a listen!

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