What’s the point?

A player at a Pump It Up tournament attempting to play doubles “Beethoven Virus” on what I assume is the hardest difficulty.

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Remember when these games were more about at least pretending to dance to music? Anyone?


I want to play “Cho Chabudai Gaeshi”

“Cho Chabudai Gaeshi” very roughly translates to “Super Flip the Table”

You literally do just that when you play. You bang on the table at the right times, and when instructed, you (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻!

Why has nobody gotten this game in Las Vegas? I would waste spend so much time playing this.

End of July lock-in at So Good Arcade!

On Friday, July 31st, So Good will be hosting an end of the month lock in. It runs from 6pm on July 31st to 2am August 1st. Cost is $20, and all machines are on free play. There will be tables setup for console game battling, and if you bring in your own console, they will knock $5 off your entry. More information as it becomes available at their Facebook page.

Konami’s “Jubeat” at So Good Arcade

One of Konami’s newest music games, Jubeat, has found its way to US shores and into the cozy confines of So Good Arcade. Installed earlier this July, Jubeat puts the player in front of a 16 button panel, and they press the corresponding buttons as they light up in time with the music. The machine is setup and prepared for the eAmusement online service, and is updated to the 2011 release “Jubeat Knit.” My favorite song so far? Sandstorm. I can admit this without shame.

As with all other machines, play is set to 1 token ($1), and you have three songs per play.

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Insert Coin(s): Downtown Project hasn’t always helped

Owner Chris LaPorte was recently interviewed by 88.9 KNPR about the closure of Insert Coins(s), his Videolounge/Gamebar/Barcade. In short, Mr. LaPorte feels a combination of things happened to eventually force Insert Coin(s) to shut down; the big ones including competing businesses, and the attempt by the city to change the vibe of downtown. Still no information on when Insert Coin(s) will reopen, or if Mr. LaPorte will move to a different location to reopen.

I happened to be in DTLV earlier this week, having lunch at Le Thai, when I snapped this photo of the closed Insert Coin(s), cropped and zoomed to show a bright orange sticker across the front doors:

Insert Coins has temporarily closed

Insert Coins, the downtown “barcade”/”videolounge gamebar” has closed their doors, albeit temporarily. As reported at dtlv.com, the changing economics of running a business downtown seem to have bitten owner Christopher LaPorte, but he is confident they will reopen. Official statement from Mr. LaPorte below:

Due to a rapidly changing DTLV business environment, INSERT COIN(S) will be temporarily closing its doors. We are immensely proud of our four-and-a-half years being a landmark for Downtown Las Vegas, and of our numerous philanthropic contributions made to the Vegas community at large. Being a part of the transformation of Downtown Vegas and enduring the highs and lows of these changes, we thank you for allowing us to present the INSERT COIN(S) brand as the unique combination of videogame and nightlife entertainment that we never lost belief in. Unfortunately, that commitment to the brand and the DTLV economic environment have resulted in financial challenges over the past year that we cannot currently sustain. We will continue to work to bring back to the community the INSERT COIN(S) brand that you loved and we thank you again for your patronage and support as your favorite videogame and music venue.

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