So Good arcade closed, merged with Game Nest

Because I am well over a month behind the times, I just found out that So Good Arcade closed their doors at the beginning of the year, and has merged their games with the new Game Nest.

Game Nest arcade now open

Game Nest Arcade
A new style of gaming center opened in January 2016. Game Nest is a pay by the hour arcade, where all the games are set on free play, and the customer has until the end of their prepaid time to play to their hearts content. Game Nest boasts 23 of the most popular arcade and pinball games around, such as:

  • Initial D version 3
  • Dance Dance Revolution X3
  • Magical Drop 3
  • Street Fighter IV Ultra
  • Marvel vs Capcom II (Hyper Viper Beam! Hyper Viper Beam!)

They also have five pinball machines, and five classic arcade machines, two of which are multi-game cabinets. If you’re feeling peckish and prefer your fun console-based, Game Nest has six console stations with the choice of a LOT of XBox One, PS4, and Wii-U games. Their website does not list current hourly rates, but some digging on their Yelp entry shows their prices are $5/hr on Mondays, and $8/hr Tuesday through Sunday. They also offer all-day passes for people (like me..) who would willingly spend half a day or more playing Initial D. Yelp reports the all-day price is either $20 or $25. I’ll have to go find this out personally (what a sacrifice~).

Update! The all-day price is $18. Cards for Initial D cost $2.25

The Deets

Game Nest (website)
4545 W Spring Mountain Road, Suite 104 (Google Maps)
Phone: 702-889-0012
Sunday-Thursday 2pm – Midnight
Friday-Saturday 2pm – 2am
(it’s advised you call ahead if you plan to arrive late in the evening, as the owners may close shop early if there are no customers.)

MGM Resorts to start charging for parking

By this time everyone should have heard that MGM Resorts International are going to begin charging for parking at their hotels in April. Due to the town moving itself back toward adult-oriented fun as opposed to family activities, this really does not affect the local arcade player too much. The only two casinos on The Strip that have arcades, and are owned by MGM Resorts International are the Excalibur and the New York New York. Keep that in mind if you decide to pay one or both casino arcades a visit in the coming months.

Still, if this move is a success, expect the other casinos to quickly adopt this pay for parking strategy.

Press Start now has a Virtual-On machine

cat heavy breathing meme
Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram… HNNNNG. I’m so happy, I haven’t had a chance to play a Virtual-On machine in years. I’m fairly sure the last time was back when the Luxor used to have an arcade, so that had to have been at least 8-10 years ago. I need to run back to double check, but I think it’s running “Mind Shift Battle System” (M.S.B.S.) version 5.2, which was the first released version in the U.S.

$0.75 a play at Press Start Gaming Center. Play it. Live it. Love it. Lock-ins will never be the same again.

Learn more about VOOT: Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram

John’s Incredible Pizza now open

As reported in April, the newest tenant at the Boulevard Mall is a Gameworks/Dave & Busters-esque entertainment center called “John’s Incredible Pizza.” They have finally opened for business, and information about their games is slowly trickling out. This location is confirmed to have a 2015 Pump It Up Prime machine, though it is currently in offline mode. No other word on what music or other interesting arcade games are at John’s Incredible Pizza. If you intend to visit and play games, come hungry, because you’ll be laying down $11 just to get in the door. Location details, including admission pricing past the fold by clicking “read more!”

Arcade auction in Anaheim, August 28-29

Captain's Auction Warehouse
Do you have a few spare hundred, maybe thousand dollars? Do you have a truck, the ability to pay for freight shipping, or the ability to rent a moving van? Do you want an arcade machine of your very own? Well next weekend, “Captain’s Auction Warehouse” in Anaheim is having a two-day long auction of various amusement, arcade, pinball, and redemption machines. Among the many things for sale, they’ve got a DDR Extreme 2 (8th Mix), an In The Groove (non-booting), a number of Rush racers, a Sega Astro City sit-down candy cab, and what looks to be an import Golgo 13 shooter.

If you fancy giving this auction a shot, you can bid online via the links below, or you can take a drive and bid in person. Friday’s auction starts at 3pm, and Saturday at 11am. The links below will lead you to and the list of all machines up for auction.

August 28th:

August 29th:

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