Game Nest to hold a MaiMai tournament

Game Nest MaiMai Tournament

Hot on the heels of the announced DDR Extreme tournament, Game Nest will be hosting a tournament on everyone’s favorite front-load arcade game and washer/dryer combo, MaiMai. $20 gets you in the door all day during the tournament, and there will be a guaranteed prize pool for the top three finishers of $200/100/50.

Rules and Regulations:

  • This tournament will be double elimination with a cap of 32 per division
  • There are two divisions which you can enter EXPERT and MASTER
  • Each set is 2/3, except for grand finals which is 3/5
  • The use of gloves will be permitted

Event Rules

  • First song is chosen by the player on the left side, while the second song is chosen by the player on the right side. The final song is chosen randomly via a randomizer of pre-selected songs.
  • Grand Final’s songs will be chosen in the order of left player, right player, random, random, and random


  • Only speed modifiers are allowed
  • The game will be scored on the final score at the end of each song

To signal your interest in the tournament, to check for any updated rules, or for other tournament information, please visit their Facebook event page.

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