Game Nest to hold a DDR tournament March 20th

Lace up your shoes and bring your best moves, because on March 20th at 5pm Game Nest will be holding a Dance Dance Revolution tournament. Game Nest will be holding this event using an older DDR Extreme machine. Tournament check in opens at 5pm, with the tournament start expected at 6pm. Registration will be $12 dollars, $7 goes to the venue and will grant the entrant a day pass to the arcade, with the remaining $5 going to the tournament prize pool. Payouts will go to the top three finishers, with a 60/30/10 percent pool split.

A random song will be chosen to determine seeding in the qualification round, and the tournament itself will be a 1v1 double elimination bracket. This means first round losers will have a second chance to advance to the finals via the losers bracket. All rounds except the final will be in a best 2 out of 3 format, with the final round being best 3 out of 5. All songs are available, at expert level and challenge mode.

It’s unknown if there will be a freestyle competition, but odds are that this will be score attack only.

For more information, please visit their Facebook event page.