About Us

In the before times, in the long ago of the year 1999, a funny game came to the Las Vegas Gameworks. Dance Dance Revolution USA. One fateful fall evening, Ikari was dragged there by a friend who had to try out this new “dancing game” she’d played in California. $20 later, Ikari was exhausted, but thrilled by the gameplay and the music. Some weeks later, he decided that there needed to be a website to help local players and visitors find DDR machines on and off The Strip.

Thus was born Las Vegas $tylin’.


Over the years, the site grew to encompass general arcade gaming in Las Vegas, and the dedicated players that visited the site and EZBoard forum helped run two Konami Bemani tournaments: Vegas Vegas Revolution at the MGM Grand, and the King of Iron Beat, held at the Orleans.

Life happens though, and people move on to other things. Ikari moved away to California for years, but in 2015 returned to his native Las Vegas. Upon seeing the state of arcades, he realized that the Style has to come back. This time aimed squarely at Las Vegas arcades, but still with a bit of lean towards Bemani.

We’re back.